Reviews/commentaries/conversations/what-have-you about movies with strong, flawed, funny, interesting, classy, and fierce female leads. Some will be new releases currently in theaters … others will be streamable on Netflix … and others will be ones I adore and bought on DVD.

I promise I’ll try not to overly fixate on romances. Try being the operative word. (Confession time: I LOVE romances. Especially romantic comedies. Even “bad” ones — like The Ugly Truth.) But — honestly — when you’re focusing on female protagonists (especially if you want to include some of the classics from the Golden Age of Hollywood), romances are naturally going to be a big factor.

Whichever movies we end up talking about — whether twu wuv is involved or not — we’ll gush (or whine … and wine!) over every aspect of the great (or not so great) stories. (And hey, we’ll be girly and talk about [your favorite hot actor’s name here]’s cute butt, too!)

Take a look at some of the movies we’re already talking about and join in the conversation …

**Soon-to-be covered movies can be found on the Coming Soon page.


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