Meet Shannon


I’m the chick (C’mon, you knew it had to be one!) behind Writing Like a Girl. I’m a girly-girl with a thing for words. Welcome to my blog!

“There’s No Lots of Crying in Baseball!”

As the athletically challeged oldest child, I quickly discovered this error in Jimmy Dugan’s thinking (A League of Their Own, 1992). I gave baseball a shot, an attempt to take the spotlight back from my younger, athletically inclined brothers. Little League just doesn’t pay the way it used to.

I only played one season — a brief and fleeting time, if you ask my dad. Though he didn’t seem surprised when I announced my early retirement from the game. Probably saw it coming when he had to call out “tips” to his little short stop — like “pay attention,” “don’t cry, it’s just sweat,” and “leave your hair alone.”

Luckily, I Met Barbie.

She never played sports . . . or at least mine didn’t. No, Barbie was a thespian with a penchant for scripts written in pink crayon. My brothers had sports, and I found my own girly, shining star in writing.

(Oh, and don’t worry — I had my revenge by making my bros do the boy voices in my Barbie plays.)


And So Began My Love Affair with Words . . .

In short order, I received a scholarship from renowned author Jerry B. Jenkins, completed an editorial internship with a book publisher, and graduated from Taylor University’s acclaimed professional writing program.

I don’t know what other girls do with their writing degrees, but I’m putting mine to good use. I’m a writer and copy manager at a marketing/fundraising company, and occasionally do projects on the side for a literary agency.

I love what I do, and I can’t belive people pay me to do it! Still, I do miss the old days of writing just for fun — and that’s where you come in.

Writing Like a Girl

It’s a mash-up of my two loves: wordsmithery and girliness. I post a few times a week about . . . pretty much anything I can justify as having to do with words and the fairer sex. If you’re a reader, a movie junkie, or just someone who loves a good story — this is the place for you.

Now that you know a little about me, I’d love to hear about you! So enjoy the blog, and don’t be shy – say “hi” and introduce yourself in the comments below.


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